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Whether you are facing a life-altering family law issue, increasing and unmanageable debt or a criminal charge, the legal team of Brent Day will  advocate for you. We develop long-term client relationships, based on close cooperation and solid results. As a former prosecutor and judge, Brent T. Day offers a unique perspective for each case, with high-quality legal representation and strategic solutions to protect your rights.

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5 Reasons you should call brent day

Brent was chosen as one of the Best Divorce Lawyers in Mobile by the people of Mobile. That is no easy feat, when you consider the number of attorneys practicing divorce work is well over 100.

One of the most battle tested attorneys in Mobile County. Brent is in the courthouse almost every day. If you want an attorney that knows how to win and knows how to fight for his clients, don’t hesitate to set that initial appointment. We want to fight for YOU!

Every client receives a free 30 minute consultation to go over the fact of your case and discuss future fee and retainers.

A lot of attorneys claim to be local, when in fact, they are anything but local. Brent Day was born and raised in Mobile. He even attended pre-school at Crichton Academy and attended Shaw High School.

Our office is located directly on Government Street, in Midtown. We have a large parking lot with plenty of free parking spaces.